Radioiodine treatment

Hyperthyroidism most commonly affects older cats (8 years and older). It is usually caused by a benign (malignant) growth of the thyroid gland. This gland produces thyroid hormones and when the gland grows it produces too much.

A single Radioiodine dose is curative in around 95% of cats, 5% require a second treatment. Pet Doctors offers discounted re-treatment for all cats treated with Radioiodine Treatment at a Pet Doctors clinic.

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Our clinics

Radioiodine treatment is offered at our Papatoetoe practice in Auckland, our Dinsdale clinic in Hamilton and Harewood in Christchurch.

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Pet Doctors Dinsdale
42 Whatawhata Road
Dinsdale, Hamilton
07 847 2669

Pet Doctors Papatoetoe East
93 East Tamaki Road
Papatoetoe, Auckland
09 278 5343

Pet Doctors Harewood
207 Harewood Road
Harewood, Christchurch
03 352 2574

What are the symptoms?

- Weight loss
- Increased appetite (like your cat just can’t eat enough)
- Vomiting
- Diarrhoea
- Rapid heart rate
- Matted, dry, dull fur
- Increased thirst and toileting
- Strange / unusual behaviour (crying, hyperactive, aggression)

Radioiodine treatment