Puppy Pre-School

Helping you both get off on the right paw!

What is Puppy Pre-School?

Pet Doctors Puppy Pre-School is much more than just watching cute puppies play with each other; it's a chance for them to learn crucial social skills and basic obedience.

Depending on the clinic, Puppy Pre-School takes in students between 8-20 weeks of age when they've had their first vaccine. Classes run for an hour a week for either 4 or 5 weeks and are filled with guidance and tips for raising your puppy. With intimate numbers, trainers can have one-on-ones with both puppies and owners to bring out the best in each puppy.

Pet Doctors promises a safe and comfortable environment to teach your puppy and you will be guided by professional puppy trainers and vet nurses. Sponsored by Hill's Science Diet, you'll receive a sweet goodie bag and handouts to take home.

Why is Puppy Pre-School so important?

Aside from it being fun for both puppy and owner, Puppy Pre-School provides tonnes of skills. Teachers offer owners and students basic training like sit, stay, come and establish a consistent routine to really make these lessons stick. We use positive reinforcement like treats and pats during training and will offer advice based on different breeds and situations.

Puppies have plenty of time to socialise with each other in class which is important in teaching them about the behaviours of others and accepting new puppies and humans. These skills will stay with them for the rest of their life and possibly the most important thing they'll learn.

There are plenty of opportunities to chat with teachers about anything you're concerned about from toilet training, desexing, vaccinations and everything in between. It's also a great time to learn some tips & tricks yourself about how to handle puppy parent situations so you and your pooch will be unstoppable together!

Sounds good! Where do I sign up?

Wonderful! Just fill in the form with your details, select the nearest clinic to you and we will be in touch. Alternatively, you can ring up your nearest Pet Doctors Puppy Pre-School to enroll in the next class. You don't have to be a member of Pet Doctors to attend Puppy Pre-School - we welcome all students!

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