Wellness consultations

Most dogs age at the approximate rate of seven dog years to one human year - although there are differences between small and large breeds. The first year is the most important, as this is when the most growth and development occurs. Their development in the first 12 months will have a profound influence on the rest of their lives.

In addition to the above, puppies’ growth, weight and social development are checked. Teen dogs will also have their reproductive status checked.

Adult dogs will also have examinations done on their teeth, gums and mouth. Their senses, head and abdomen along with their internal organs will also be checked.

Like humans, dogs also experience age-related problems. Just like with people, early detection and treatment can add significantly to your dog’s quality of life. Therefore, once a dog reaches seven years of age, care is taken to check their teeth and gums, tail and rear, and internal organs. Their behaviour and toileting is discussed with you. Often it is considered appropriate to perform lab tests to pick up subtle organ changes that may otherwise be undetected. Samples can often be performed while you wait.

The approximate stages of a dog’s life are:
Puppy 6-12 weeks
Teen Dog 3-12 months
Adult Dog 1-7 years
Senior Dog 7+ years

At each visit, we will check your dog’s:
- Weight and condition
- Nose, eyes and ears
- Heart and lungs
- Bowels and bladder
- Coat and skin
- Behavioural problems
- Vaccination status
- Flea and worm control