Sometimes preventative care or returning your pet back to full health involves running tests to work out exactly what the problem is. At Pet Doctors we use a combination of our in house laboratory and special lab service providers to provide us with a full range of diagnostic tools.

Our in-house laboratory can provide us with complete blood counts, comprehensive blood chemistries, pre-anaesthetic blood testing, geriatric pet checks and sick animal panels. These provide results while you wait: in most cases within 15 minutes of taking the blood. We also offer in-house faecal and urine analysis as well as a range of snap-tests to provide a rapid result testing for feline viruses.

Other in-house equipment includes a radiology unit, rigid & flexible endoscopy and ultrasound which provide quick, accurate views and allow immediate treatment of your pet.

Although there is a lot we can diagnose in-house, some cases will require specialised tests or test equipment and we may need to send a sample to an off-side laboratory or refer you and your pet to a specialised provider for more comprehensive diagnostics. We will discuss the most appropriate diagnostic approach during your pet’s consultation.

It's often quite difficult to know what's going on inside of our patients. Performing diagnostics and lab testing can help make that much easier.