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48 Ridge Road, Howick, Auckland

Opening Hours: Mon, Tues and Thurs: 8.00am to 7.00pm
Wednesday and Friday: 8.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed
09 537 1002


Pet Doctors’ Vets and Vet Nurses share your passion for pets, because your pets, our patients, are our world.
We’re dedicated to making that world happier and healthier.


We will always put your pets health and wellbeing first and are very fortunate to work alongside a bunch of the most dedicated vets, vet nurses and customer care people in the country.

The expertise and the latest equipment and high level of staff training that is available ensures that this is the only place we want to work. We are proud of our pain-free policy that ensures that all pets go home post-operatively with long acting pain relief.

Full medical & surgical facilities

Experienced team

Air-conditioned clinic

Off-Street parking

Radiology on site

Routine treatments

Emergency treatment

Routine Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

Dental facilities

House Calls & pick-up service
Dietary advice

Weight Checks

Pet Supplies and food


Puppy Preschools

  • Dr Andrea Gits
  • Dr Kurt Wolsky
  • Dr Craig Hunger
  • Dr Hillary Nicolson
  • Ingrid
  • Shalee
  • Natalia
  • Phillipa
  • Natassja
  • Tina Lu
Dr Andrea Gits

Dr Andrea Gits


Andrea is an experienced Small Animal Veterinarian and has been working in Botany for the past 13 years. After graduation from Massey she also spent some time in Sydney and then throughout the UK working and on holiday to see a bit of the world. She lives locally in Howick and has three children which keep her very busy in her spare time. She enjoys the on-going challenges that Veterinary medicine offers, and recently completed a business management course.

Dr Kurt Wolsky

Dr Kurt Wolsky

Kurt has been part of the Pet Doctor’s team at South Auckland Veterinary Hospital for more than 10 years, recently transferring to join the great team at Howick. He graduated from Pretoria University in 1997 and went on to complete an honours degree in Veterinary Science. In addition, he is currently studying towards a postgraduate diploma in veterinary science at Massey University. He enjoys working on both medical and surgical cases and has worked in companion animal practices in England and South Africa before immigrating to NZ. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with my his wife and two young boys. He also enjoys running, gardening and bush walks.

Dr Craig Hunger

Dr Craig Hunger

Veterinarian - BVSc

Craig has been working as a Veterinarian since he graduated from Massey in 1998. He started work in mixed practice in Southland for several years, before heading to the UK for his OE. While there Craig was involved in the Foot and Mouth outbreak. Since returning to New Zealand, he has worked as a small animal vet in Auckland. Craig has recently obtained his membership exams in Small Animal Dentistry and oral surgery, and has started performing root canals and other advanced dental procedures. In his spare time he enjoys golf, skiing, reading, music, squash and diving.

Dr Hillary Nicolson

Dr Hillary Nicolson

Veterinarian - BVSc

Hillary graduated from Massey University, Palmerston North, in 2009 with a Bachelor in Veterinary Science. Prior to that she completed a Bachelor of Science in Physiology.

She has worked in various vet clinics around the eastern areas of Auckland as a locum and did four years as an emergency vet.

Hillary also has two young children and is a signaller in the New Zealand Army Reserves, so is kept very busy with work and family life.



Customer Relations

Ingrid has worked and lived in Howick for many years, some may remember Ingrid from when she owned the Pet shop in Howick.

Ingrid has a Löwchen named Bella, two cats that originally arrived as strays, Bella and Gypsy, Bob a Scottish fold cat and a lovebird, Popeye, who is quite the clown.

Ingrid can speak Dutch and in her spare time is kept busy with her two daughters, a grandson and granddaughter, so lots of family time and plenty of baby-sitting.



Customer Relations

Shalee has been part of the Pet Doctors group for many years. She has a strong focus on customer service gaining knowledge and experience from previously being a business owner.

Shalee has 3 children, a Pomeranian x Sydney Silkie called Pepa and 2 cats, Mac and Sid who she hand raised from one-day old.

Shalee has bungee jumped off the Auckalnd Harbour Bridge…but says she would never do it again.



Veterinarian Nurse

Natalia has always been involved or worked with animals.

Natalia worked overseas in a zoo as a rehabilitation keeper and her voluntary work includes the SPCA and the South Island Aquarium and Kiwi House where Natalia nursed stray birds, cats and rodents.

Natalia has a degree in Science, Conservation Ecology and a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing.





Veterinarian Nurse - DVN

Nastassja has a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and a Certificate in Animal Management. Nastassja also has 5 years’ retail experience so enjoys discussing your pets needs at the front desk. Nastassja enjoys taking puppy classes at the clinic and finds Veterinary Nursing very rewarding.

Nastassja has 2 cats, Batman is the adventurous one and especially loves to sunbath, while Tabatha enjoys her freedom plus 2 dogs, Spike and the crazy little Shih Tzu Nitro who enjoys coming to work with Nastassja.

Tina Lu

Tina Lu


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Sharing your passion for pets.

Your pets, our patients, are our world.

We're dedicated to making that world happier and healthier.