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113 Cambridge Road, Hamilton

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 6.00pm
07 856 9212


Our Hillcrest clinic can boast its origins back as far as the 1960's. It was one of the very first vet clinics
opened in Hamilton and even though it has had varied premises over the years, is now firmly established as a neighbourhood icon.

Pet Doctors’ Vets and Vet Nurses share your passion for pets, because your pets, our patients, are our world.
We’re dedicated to making that world happier and healthier.


We will always put your pets health and wellbeing first and are very fortunate to work alongside a bunch of the most dedicated vets, vet nurses and customer care people in the country.

The expertise and the latest equipment and high level of staff training that is available ensures that this is the only place we want to work. We are proud of our pain-free policy that ensures that all pets go home post-operatively with long acting pain relief.

Full medical & surgical facilities

Experienced team

Air-conditioned clinic


Dental X-ray

Routine treatments

Emergency treatment

Routine Surgery

Dental facilities

Cat grooming

Dietary advice

Weight Checks

Pet Supplies and food

House Calls

  • Dr Liz Newton
  • Claire
  • Jamie
  • Keira
Dr Liz Newton

Dr Liz Newton


Liz qualified in 2011 from Bristol University, UK and has worked in small animal practice since that time. She initially worked in a multi-vet practice in rural Devon before moving onto becoming a senior vet/branch manager in Wiltshire. In July 2015, her fiancé and she decided to have an adventure and move to NZ and they arrived late November! Liz is enjoying all things Kiwi - wonderful outdoors, picture perfect and wonderful for tramping, cycling, swimming and skiing. Liz has recently trialled the Cambridge velodrome! And on those wet days she likes to read. Liz has a little cat back in the UK called Wilma whom she misses dearly but Jess the clinic cat at Hillcrest is making up for those daily cat cuddles. Liz enjoys the varied life of being a vet, seeing different animals through the door each day and building a rapport with the clients of the community. She likes to think she's a friendly face for you and your pet, at a time when you could be feeling a little bit stressed or worried about your pet’s health and be able to work with you to get your pet back to their old self again!




Claire holds a Certificate in Animal Care and Veterinary Assistance. She's been working in the Veterinary industry for more than 10 years and is now the Team Leader at Pet Doctors Hillcrest. Claire loves travelling in Europe and the UK; while at home she enjoys hiking and crossfit, as well as working in her garden. Claire is also a pet rescuer!




Jamie has been working in the Veterinary Industry for more than 2 years now. She holds a Diploma in Vet Nursing Level 6 and a Certificate in Rural Handling and Conservation. Jamie's goal is to educate owners in any way she can, particularly behavioral issues and nutrition, and of course to help our furry friends ! She has 2 cats: an old boy named Fidget that she had when she was 11, and a little rescue girl named Marmite. Marmite was run over by a weed-wacker! Jamie is also a puppy class instructor and was a passionate cattery attendant for 18 months. Jamie loves to do Gymnastics and aero-acrobatics, reading and computer classes.




Originally from Wales, Keira moved over with her mum, dad and younger brother and has been in New Zealand for 6 years. She graduated in 2016 from Wintec and has just started working at Pet Doctors Hillcrest. Keira enjoys exercise, reading, watching tv series/movies. She's also very intrigued by animal behaviour and would like to learn more. Keira has plenty of pets! Azlan the kitten, Bryn the Labrador, Coy the Muscovy duck, a fish and 2 frogs.

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Sharing your passion for pets.

Your pets, our patients, are our world.

We're dedicated to making that world happier and healthier.