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5 Wagener Place, Mt Albert, Auckland

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Special Hours:
09 282 3689


Pet Doctors Exotics & Wildlife is New Zealand’s first and only dedicated Veterinary Hospital for exotic pets and wildlife. The clinic opened October 2015 in a brand new, purpose-built clinic conveniently located in central St Lukes, open 7 days a week.

Our passionate and caring team has a long history of providing high-quality care for the more unusual pets. Whether you and your pet are coming in for a routine health check, a pre or post-purchase examination, as a referral case, or for treatment of an illness, we have the staff, experience and equipment to offer excellent care for your exotic pet.

We are able to cater for the specialised medical and surgical needs of birds including backyard chickens, lizards, turtles & tortoises, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and mice.

If you need to get away, your pets are welcome to stay at the nation's first Exotic Pet Hotel: a boarding facility dedicated to exotic pets and staffed by caring veterinary staff who know their scales from their beaks.


Our facilities are designed with your exotic pets in mind. We provide a range of services from precise bird wing-clipping - through to the surgical repair of damaged or clipped feathers.

Some of our care involves advanced endoscopic surgery, critical care incubators, a wide range of in-house diagnostic services, digital X-ray and specialised x-ray techniques, dentistry Variety of balanced nutritional diets for exotics, and Avian Sexing


Referral consultations

Intensive care

Emergency care

Preventative health care

Dental care

In-house laboratory
Digital radiography

Avian surgical sexing

Advanced surgical procedures

Husbandry advice

Dietary advice

Wing, nail & beak trims

Treatment of wildlife



Exotic Pet Hotel

  • Dr Allen Yang
  • Dr Elizabeth Jiang
  • Dr Andrew Vermeulen
  • Dr Trudi Power
  • Dr Liz Cowie
  • Bianca Kuhlmann
Dr Allen Yang

Dr Allen Yang


Allen graduated in 2010 from Massey. He spent 4 years at the Wellington SPCA where he worked with private client animals, shelter animals and welfare cases. Allen moved to Auckland with his 3 cats to take on the new challenge for exotic pet medicine & surgery. Allen enjoys all sports and activities, with a focused interest in basketball.

Dr Elizabeth Jiang

Dr Elizabeth Jiang

Dr Andrew Vermeulen

Dr Andrew Vermeulen

Veterinarian - BVSc

Andrew graduated from Massey University 2012 and has returned to NZ from Australia where he worked exclusively with birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles.

Andrew gained extensive experience whilst working in Australia including working with nature wildlife at both the Canberra and Brisbane RSPCA's. He also worked with domestic pets at the Sydney Bird and Exotic Veterinary clinic and at Brisbane's only after hours exotics service.

Andrew has a special interest in the welfare of unusual pets, he feels that they can be easily overlooked.

In his spare time he goes to the gym and enjoys a good novel or movie.

Dr Trudi Power

Dr Trudi Power

Veterinarian - BVSc

Trudi recently joined the Pet Doctors Team after returning from Australia with her young family. She graduated in 2009 from Massey University. She loves all creatures big and small, furry or feathery, even scaly!

Dr Liz Cowie

Dr Liz Cowie

Liz has been working as a vet for the last 10 years both in NZ and around the UK. She has completed additional papers in towards a Masters in Veterinary Medicine including avian medicine (birds), diagnostic imaging, emergency medicine, oncology and neurology. Liz aims to treat every one of her patients with the same care and compassion with which she treats her own pets. She enjoys medicine cases and looking after your senior pets. As well as treating cats and dogs, she is at home with small furries and feathered friends. Being a passionate veterinarian has also seen her up close with Weddell Seals, Adele Penguins and Emperor Penguins in Antarctica! When not treating your pets she enjoys hanging out with her sidekick Border Collie 'Smokey' and getting away to Central Otago to ski, mountain bike and swim whenever she can!

Bianca Kuhlmann

Bianca Kuhlmann

Vet Nurse - DVN

Bianca is a Diploma Vet Nurse and has been with Pet Doctors since 2007. Her special interests are birds and exotics and she loves giving our clients advice on their pets husbandry and environmental enrichment. In her spare time Bianca loves walking her two dogs, teaching her birds new tricks and considers any time spent outside to be well spent.

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