Large, spacious, sunny and luxurious - our boarding catteries have been designed with your feline in mind.

Because your cat is so special, we offer a high level of care to help your pet be healthy and happy during their stay with us. Each cat is an individual, so we take time to get to know your cat, finding a routine that ensures they are comfortable and happy.

Our cages are spacious with jumping platforms, sleeping, feeding and litter box areas.

Image to the right is our Pet Hotel in Pet Doctors Tristram Street.

The spacious cage sizes means the cats are able to continually exercise themselves. Along with this, each cat comes out daily to stroll around and use the scratching posts and other toys in the area.

We make sure exercise time is plentiful and available outside the cages.

Daily Care
All cats at our boarding cattery are cared for, fed, and have their cages cleaned by trained staff. This includes a daily check by a veterinary nurse. A veterinarian will check your pet if there are any health concerns.

Time is also spent patting and talking to the cats daily. Again, individual needs are assessed and special time is spent with cats who enjoy lots of attention.

Cats are fed on premium pet food refurbished twice daily. Pet parents are welcome to bring along their cat's favourite food or anything else they may require.

Long haired cats are brushed daily and all cats are groomed as requested by the owner.

Special Needs
Cats with medical conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease are cared for by our nursing staff, and any medications given and other special needs met.

To book your cat into its home away from home at one of our our boarding catteries, contact us today

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