Wellness consultations

Cats age at the approximate rate of seven cat years to one human year. As with humans, your cat’s health needs change as they age.

We carry out specific checks at each life stage. For example, kittens are checked to ensure that they are developing normally. This first examination is crucial for your kitten's future development. We will also advise you on behaviour, diet, vaccination and parasite control.

Teen cats have their reproductive status checked, Adult cats have their teeth and gums checked, along with their chest and abdomen along with internal organs.

Senior cats, like senior humans, can experience age-related problems. Therefore, once the animal reaches seven years and older we also check all their vital signs. Often from this age lab tests are needed to detect subtle internal changes. Samples can often be performed while you wait.

The stages of a cat’s life are:

Kitten 6-12 weeks
Teen Cat 3-12 months
Adult Cat 1-7 years
Senior Cat 7+ years

At each visit, we will check your pet’s:

- Weight and condition
- Nose, eyes and ears
- Heart and lungs
- Bowels and bladder
- Coat and skin
- Behavioural problems
- Vaccination status